Plans With Purpose is a consultancy dedicated to helping businesses and brands put purpose and sustainability at the heart of their progress. Ali Fisher is the Founder and Director of Plans with Purpose and is the driver of transformation where it matters most.
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A Vision for Purpose-led Regenerative Business

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The concept of business doing good is not a new one but it is one that is seeing exponential growth and pay back for those that are doing it well. Philanthropic minded businesses go back centuries & the long-standing practice of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is so embedded it is often treated as its own function. What’s changed in recent years is the realisation that doing good shouldn’t be a fringe benefit of business but should instead sit at its core – not the responsibility of a few but the responsibility of all. Purposeful business progresses faster and builds future-ready resilience.


The concept of sustainable development has its roots in the late 1960s with the US National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 defining it as ‘economic development that may have benefits for current and future generations without harming the planet’s resources or biological organisms’. Yet business has been slow to take a more systemic approach to sustainability and embed the practice throughout the value chain. Those businesses that are taking a more holistic approach to sustainability are winning now and future-proofing themselves for long-term success. Today’s leading lights in good business are moving beyond sustainability, where the emphasis can be on doing less harm, to focus on regeneration. In our current Anthropocene era in which human activity is the dominant influence on the environment, decades on from The Great Acceleration of the 1950s, leading businesses are recognising the need to go beyond doing less harm to putting more good back in and rebuilding the strength and resilience of our planet and people.


Kate Raworth’s brilliant Doughnut Economics puts people right at the heart of her economic model and highlights the critical interdependencies between People & Planet. We cannot pull back from the planetary boundaries we have been pushing so hard on, and in several instances breaking, if our people, communities & society are not strong. Diversity, Equity & Inclusion play a key role in this. As such, Plans With Purpose is doing more and more work in this space, designing DEI Strategies into Action for businesses to be stronger and more regenerative from the inside out.


Ali is a strategist, activator and ideator who collaborates with businesses to put Purpose, Sustainability and DEI at the heart of business progress……

She completed the Cambridge Judge Business School ‘Diversity Equity & Inclusion: DEI Strategies for Business Impact’ Course in 2022; Cambridge University Institute of Sustainability Leadership ‘Business Sustainability Management’ Course in 2018; UCL ‘Behaviour Change’ Course in 2019; B Corp B Leader Training in 2021 & UCL ‘Life Cycle Assessment’ Course in 2019.

Ali brings her passion for regeneration to life locally as a volunteer writer for the Burpham Pages, founder of The Creativity Bank Guildford, Allia Mentor to sustainable start-ups, supporter of Guildford Lions & member of the Guildford Environmental Forum, Zero Carbon Guildford & Guildford Green Drinks.

Ali’s purpose is to spark change that matters. She donates 5% of all project fees to charity.

Ali Fisher - Founder of Plans with Purpose


Ali is a Purpose-led brand specialist who collaborates with businesses, brands and charities to put sustainability at the heart of growth.

Her credentials for purpose-led growth were established through 17 years experience inside FMCG, growing Unilever brands such as Dove, Persil & Flora. She believes in the power of partnership & led numerous corporate, charity & retail partnerships at Unilever including working with Comic Relief, YMCA, Girlguiding, WE, Tesco & Boots. Her achievements in her 5 years leading the Dove Self-Esteem Project, championing body confidence in the UK, have been recognised with awards from Key Opinion Formers, Mums, Retail & Unilever.

Ali Fisher - Founder of Plans with Purpose

Since setting up her own business in 2017, Ali has worked with a range of clients, big and small, to put sustainability & purpose at the heart of their growth.

She completed the Cambridge University Institute of Sustainability Leadership Business Sustainability Management Course in 2018 and the UCL Life Cycle Assessment Course in 2019.

Ali brings her passion for regeneration to life locally as a volunteer writer for the Burpham Pages, Co-Chair of the Guildford Green Drinks & active member of the Guildford Environmental Forum.

Ali’s purpose is to be transformational where it matters most.