Carbon Trust – Accelerate to Net Zero Business Summit

So much great inspiration and knowledge shared in one day. I’ve done my best to capture what I thought were the juiciest bits here.  I’m only sorry I couldn’t clone myself to make it to the other 4 afternoon workshops which were running in parallel. Can anyone fill in the blanks if you were there?

In a nutshell (forgive me this is a big nutshell!):

  • The urgency and science of the climate crisis remain undeniable yet, despite efforts, the targets are slipping further away from us. Thank you Sean Kidney & Tom Delay CBE for your powerful messaging, balancing the hard hitting ‘doomsday’ facts with the pragmatic opportunities we still have and must embrace.
  • Radical collaboration was the theme I heard loudest throughout the day. This isn’t a mindset shift that business finds easy, with a natural drive for USPs and competitive advantage, but collaboration will be essential to game change the systemic challenges faced in all sectors by multiple businesses.  A great example of collaboration from the BBC and media industry with the COP26 Climate Content Pledge collaboration. Céline Gilart from Twinings also talked about their participation in the Ethical Tea Partnership …. Read more >
Carbon Trust - Accelerate to Net Zero Business Summit