How Plans with Purpose helps put purpose, people & regeneration at the heart of business progress.

The toolkit on this page previews an extensive range of tools we use to achieve your regenerative goals. No two businesses are the same, and the combination of tools we use for your business will be unique to your area.  See individual tools.  Check our approach to building purpose-led business.

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Building purpose-led business

  • DEFINE: Why your business exists & the positive difference it can make
  • ACT: What your business will do to create positive purpose-led impact
  • ENGAGE: How your business will involve your audience & stakeholders in your purpose


Building sustainable regenerative business

  • FRAME: A sustainable regenerative framework for your business
  • ACT: What your business will do to become more sustainable & regenerative
  • ENGAGE: How your business can share & involve customers and stakeholders in sustainability plans and actions


Building more diverse, equitable and inclusive business from the inside out

  • UNDERSTAND: The DEI micro and macro barriers across the employee lifecycle
  • ACT: What your business will do to become more diverse, equitable & inclusive, through actions, goals & governance
  • ENGAGE: How your business will work as a team, internally and externally, to become more diverse, equitable & inclusive


Strategy Maker

Building structure, framework & vision for a more regenerative future.

Rewinding on your sustainability and DEI journey so far & taking stock of current strengths & weaknesses. Looking at the outside world – to future trends in your industry, societal shifts and competitor action. To build a bespoke framework for your business that will enable a holistic regenerative approach to your business value chain.

Outside-In Critic

Championing regenerative opportunities from the outside in.

Combining the pragmatism of 20+ years business experience with sustainability & DEI know-how to offer guidance on current business practices and future improvements & opportunities.

Creative Spark

Unearthing insight to fuel creativity.

Turning problems and challenges into creative briefs and opportunities. Finding new angles on old problems. Digging deep to unlock critical insight.

Regenerative Storyteller

Engaging customers and stakeholders on purpose, DEI & sustainability.

Bringing purpose, DEI & sustainability action to life. Story-sharing – talking with, not just to, audiences. Bringing positive vision to excite and engage. Grounding in impactful action & facts. No greenwashing or purpose washing allowed. Balancing appeal to the reflective and instinctive parts of our brains.

Innovation Ideator

Regenerating through product.

Reviewing products, categories, services and teams through a sustainability & DEI lens can bring new, more sustainable, innovative,  productive and exciting ways of delivering on citizen and team needs and wants, thus bringing with it market share and brand equity and team productivity.

Purpose Creator

Discovering purpose.

Building on the essence of your business to find a relevant and meaningful issue that your business can lead for change. Defining why your business exists & the positive difference it can make. A just cause that will grow your business and equity by engaging & inspiring your citizens and stakeholders and delivering tangible benefits to those in need.

Purpose Activator

Bringing purpose to life to create impact for citizens, stakeholders & beneficiaries.

Acting on purpose more and before engaging on purpose to ensure real impact and to avoid the risk of falling fowl of purpose washing. Building long-term campaigns and programmes to activate purpose.

Citizen Champion

Discovering the depths & differences of audiences to create stronger, smarter impact and insight.

Working in partnership with research experts to deep-dive into citizen beliefs and behaviours to better target and tailor action and engagement.

Internal Engager

Winning stakeholder hearts & heads with purpose, DEI & regeneration.

Bringing purpose, DEI and sustainability to life for internal audiences. Building employee engagement programmes & activities. Knowledge sharing. Learning forums & Employee Resource Groups.

Partnership Protagonist

Working with issue experts to deliver step change impact.

Previous partners have included Hubbub, Comic Relief, WE, Semble, YMCA, Girl Guiding, Women In The World, Team London & EdComs.

Retail Connector

Engaging trade partners & shoppers through regeneration.

Delivering creative concepts for in-store campaigns. Engaging retail partners in sustainable innovation and campaigns. Championing the shopper in in-store messaging and activity.

Goal Generator

Regenerative DEI leaders set big hairy targets they don’t yet know they can reach.

Building targets and means of measurement for purpose, DEI and sustainability programmes. Bringing ambition and rigour to plans.

Impact Practitioner

Establishing long-standing programmes to deliver maximum impact.

Long-term over short-term approach. Programmes & campaigns over one-off activities. Equity driver. Impact deliverer.


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Our approach to building purpose-led business, starts with the essence of your business. Deep-diving into your business enables us to uncover a societal or planetary issue that is a relevant and meaningful cause for your business to champion and deliver real impact from – for your business, your audience and your beneficiaries.

From here Plans With Purpose will work with you to define a Purpose, establish means by which you can Act on your Purpose to create real and meaningful impact for your beneficiaries & finally to Engage on your Purpose with citizens and stakeholders.

Truly purpose-led businesses deliver growth & positive societal and planetary impact. A triple win for People, Planet & Profit.


Many businesses are wanting and needing to do more work in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI). There are multiple drivers. For some it’s a moral compass guiding them to be a more responsible, diverse, equitable and inclusive business. For others it’s a realisation that this is good business sense, whether that’s in building a more productive and effective team, better retaining current employees, winning new pitches, growing increased loyalty from customers, securing funding or recruiting new talent. For most it’s a blend of many of the above.

The challenge is where to start. Most businesses or teams are doing something in the DEI space but many are not sure how or where they can do more. What’s missing? What’s best practice?

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion isn’t easy but it is hugely worthwhile. Often businesses and leaders are tentative about how to progress further on DEI, without getting it ‘wrong’. This is where a strategic approach, building a step by step roadmap, that can involve the entire team (as well as stakeholders and customers) can make all the difference.

Plans With Purpose uses an employee lifecycle approach, to build a DEI ‘Plan on A Page’, alongside DEI Goals & Governance.

If you’d like to discuss how your business can move forward with confidence on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, please do reach out.