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Brain & Soul Food


Guest speaker on the Surrey Chambers of Commerce podcast ‘The Compass’ talking in July 2023 on the topic of ‘How to create a sense of belonging through Diversity, Equity & Inclusion’.

Compass Podcasts


Here are some Plans With Purpose musings on the topics at the heart of what we do: purpose, sustainability & regeneration


“Be an information sharer not a knowledge hoarder”. I’ll be honest, I used to really struggle with business and theory books. For years, I had a growing mountain of good intention building by my bed. But in Jan 2019 I discovered the joys of Audible. I now read (listen) when I run, when I drive, when I tidy up and most often when I’m hanging up the washing. I take some annotations but never enough. I remember bits but never enough. But all books or articles recommended here have been devoured by me and I can whole-heartedly recommend for good food for the brain and soul. Enjoy! Let me know what you think and please share your greatest reads.

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